पेटवा मशाल

आपल्या ह्या १८ व्या अधिवेशनाची २ सूत्र आहेत – ‘Enhance belonging to the Marathi community’ आणि ‘Bring Marathi to the forefront’. ही सूत्र वापरून आपल्या अधिवेशाला योग्य तो आकार देण्यासाठी BMM 2017 ची टीम आपल्या सर्वांसाठी ‘पेटवा मशाल’ हा उपक्रम घेऊन येत आहे. BMM 2017 च्या Facebook पेजवर आणि आपल्या BMM 2017 च्या वेबसाईटवर (bmm2017.org) नॉर्थ अमेरिकेतील अनेक मराठी मंडळं आपण प्रकाशझोतात आणणार आहोत. त्यांची माहिती सगळ्यांना उपलब्ध करून देणार आहोत. ऑलिम्पिकच्या ज्योतीसारखी आपली ही मराठी मशाल अमेरिकेच्या भव्य प्रदेशात पुढचं वर्षभर मोठ्या दिमाखात संचार करेल, अनेक मराठी मंडळांपर्यंत जाऊन पोहोचेल आणि शेवटी ७-९ जुलै २०१७ रोजी ग्रँड रॅपिडस, मिशिगन येथे येऊन अधिवेशनाचा सोहळा उजळवण्यास सज्ज होईल..!

The Brihan Maharashtra Mandal’s convention of 2017 is based on two important edicts. It will strive to give Marathi its deserved status in the societal dynamics of North America, and it will inculcate a sense of pride and belonging for Marathi among our patrons.

“Petwa Mashaal” – Light the Torch, is a series we are initiating that will put a spotlight upon the fantastic work our Marathi Mandals in North America are doing in conserving, fertilizing and nurturing our Marathi.

Just like a moving Olympic torch, we will run our Marathi Mashaal through many Marathi Mandals across North America, giving rightful recognition for their sterling work in keeping the Marathi flame burning in their homes, their communities and their cities. You will be surprised to see the amount of energy, enthusiasm and passion with which our Marathi is kept alive and thriving by our patrons!

“Petwa Mashaal” will be released on the BMM2017 Facebook page and the BMM2017.org website at regular intervals. The Mashaal will traverse through cities all over North America in the next year before coming to Grand Rapids in July 2017 for the BMM convention.

Stay tuned to witness the wonderful work our Mandals are doing. We hope this feature will fill you with pride for our community and our Marathi.

Petwa Mashaal – Light the Torch.

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