The Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal’s convention of 2017 is excited to announce a never before event for mature singles in our community!
With the event “Manomilan… A New Beginning”, the BMM Convention is happy to provide a dignified and confidential platform for mature singles to meet each other for the purpose of friendship, companionship or matrimony.
BMM will make every effort to respect the confidentiality of all participants and to ensure that only serious-minded individuals participate. To ensure complete privacy, the names and contact information of participants will not be made publicly known, and all participants will only be identifiable by an ID number and an email address assigned by BMM. The event will also ask for a fully refundable deposit of $100 to ensure serious interest.
Interested individuals will be given an application form beforehand to describe their background; they will be able to see similar background information of other participants by June 1, 2017.
The event is scheduled on Thursday, July 6, 2017 from 4 PM to 6 PM at Grand Rapids MI, on the eve of the main BMM Convention. At the event, a BMM coordinator will introduce the concept and list the ground-rules. Based on the number of participants, each pre-matched couple will be allowed a reasonable amount of time to interact. (This time duration will be decided after knowing the number of total participants).
All attendees are urged to inform their friends who seek to make a meaningful connection, to take advantage of this event at BMM 2017.