North American Programming – Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Can you elaborate on what should be included in the proposal?

A1:Please read the program submission guidelines given at the beginning of each RFP form page.

Q2: What are Main Programs and what are Parallel Tracks?

A2: Main Programs are held in a larger auditorium for a larger audience, mostly to accommodate ALL Convention attendees. The duration of such programs is longer,generally 2:00 – 2:30 hours. Parallel Tracks are shorter duration programs and may accommodate a fair number but not ALL convention attendees. These are also for specific targeted audience. There will be more than one track performing in parallel.

Q3 Should the Program be ALL Marathi?

A3: The basic medium of your program must be Marathi; if you are using other language as part of this Marathi Presentation; it would be acceptable.
Q4 What is the program selection criteria?

A4: Programs will be chosen from the submitted proposals based on the following criteria.

1. Creativity, Entertainment Value, Uniqueness, targeted audience appeal 2, How it relates to the convention theme. ( Enhancing belonging to Marathi community and bringing Marathi to the forefront).

Q5 When would you make the selection and what is the selection process?

A5: Proposals will be evaluated continuously as and when received (until September 30,2016). Final decision will only be communicated in December 2016.The North American Programming Committee (NA programming, Kids/Teens Programming and Youth Programming) will select amongst the submitted proposals and make a recommendation to the Convention Steering Committee. Some programs may need further approval from the BMM Convention Committee, the top decision making body.