Satandup Comedy - Rajeev Satyal

The “new” America of 2017 is sending a huge wave of socio-political change that is creating ripples all over the world. There is a good chance that a few things will be different, forever.

Amid all the turbulence, the good news is that some things are guaranteed to not change. Rajiv Satyal’s sense of humor is one. Even better news is that Rajiv, our own “desi” beacon of happiness, our own “funny Indian”, is one of the attractions of our BMM-2017 convention at Grand Rapids!

Come watch the man who opened for Prime Minister Modi in front of thousands! The man who has earned a billion laughs from millions of YouTube views, the man featured on practically every media channel from NBC to Nickelodeon, and from every publication from WSJ to India Abroad!

A comedian, an entrepreneur, a show host and most importantly, a man who can brighten up your day! Come laugh with Rajiv Satyal at the BMM convention in Grand Rapids MI, on July 7-9 2017!